Встановилась німецька мова для сайту.

Пройшла тест та обрала спосіб реєстрації через Г+. набрала 22% але починаю чомусь з нуля і мова для сайту німецька, а я її не розумію. Підкажіть що робити?

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If German is selected for the site, you selected "German" by mistake as your source (base) language.

e.g German -> English / French / Spanish
instead of
Ukrainian -> English / English - German

Left besides your avatar image you can click on the DE language flag (black, red, gold). Choose the lowest menu item: "Neuen Kurs hinzufügen" (Add a new course).

Next screen prompts you on the right above with a combo select box: "Ich spreche" (I speak). This will change the homepage translation layout (but not once). You need to switch from German to Ukrainian and select the proper target language course below. Afterwards the interface translations will change for the source language.

You would have to install the "DuoLingo course switcher" user script from the Wiki site that you can faster change the language just by clicking on the flags (there will be a new menu besides your avatar picture).

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Vor 2 Jahren
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