"We go into the large house."

Translation:Bemegyünk a nagy házba.

November 10, 2016

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why not "a nagy házba bemegyünk"?


It is a valid sentence, and it expresses something like "Into the large house we go".
Similar to the difference between "We stand united" and "United we stand".


-------- and, one needs the "be- " on "megyu:nk " , even though it's already on "ha'zba " ? . . .

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As has been said in several other forums, the be- indicates that this action can be completed. Megyünk could mean this is a recurring action, but bemegyünk means that the action has a definite goal (going into the house). Going into the house has a goal and you will know when you reach it, so it is bemegyünk here.

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