"How many hands do you have?"

Translation:Hoeveel handen heb jij?

2 years ago


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i don't get it. why "hebt u" and "heb je"? aren't they both singular?

2 years ago


Jij / je : always singular

Jullie : alway plural

U : sometimes singular, sometimes plural, and it can be conjugated as either: 2nd person singular or 3rd person singular.

So this sentence could be translated in 4 ways:

1) Hoeveel handen heb jij / Hoeveel handen heb je?

2) Hoeveel handen hebben jullie?

3) Hoeveel handen hebt u?

4) Hoeveel handen heeft u?

Personally I use "hebt u" speaking to 1 person (formal), and "heeft u" speaking to multiple people (formal). But as far as I know this is not an official rule.

2 years ago


Do note that: "heb jij" and "hebt u" differ (in conjugation)

Using the 2nd person singlular for "u" in a question form, the verb is conjugated without dropping the "t" of the 2nd person singular.

Whereas with '"je/jij" the verb would be conjugated as the 1st person singular, so the "t" is left out.


Heb jij? Hebt u? (as the exercise)

Loop jij? Loopt u?

Slaap jij? Slaapt u?

Eet jij? Eet u? (as: 1st and 2nd person share the same conjugation: ik/jij eet)

2 years ago
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