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"Chị của tôi đã dừng chế độ ăn kiêng của ấy sau một tuần."

Translation:My elder sister stopped her diet after a week.

November 10, 2016



From Chinese 制度 ‘system’

  • Mandarin: zhìdù
  • Cantonese jaidouh
  • Hokkien: chè-tō͘


not this again! elder=older!!!!!


Maybe Duo has two older sisters and this is the elder of the older sisters.


"Đã dừng " tại sao đáp án dùng "stopS". Adm xem lại nhé!


What's the relevance of "chế độ"? Would the sentence make sense without it?


Just my to cents here, but I used Google Translate (I try not to depend on that) and vdict.com.

Apparently, "chế độ" = "regime" or "regimen". Which kinda makes sense when it refers to "diet". Do we need "chế độ" with "ăn kiêng"? I have no clue. I thought maybe "ăn kiêng" by itself might also refer to the eating disorder, anorexia. However, my two (rather weak) sources gave anorexia another name.

Anyone have a credible Vietnamese dictionary to confirm my findings?


A Vietnamese person tells me chế độ means something closer to diet, as in what you regularly eat and ăn kiêng means closer to "go on a diet" as in eat differently to lose weight/be healthier. Not sure why they are used together.


Does diet = weight loss diet?


Older sister = elder sister. Marked incorrect and reported.


"..after one week" is also accepted.

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