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Japanese lesson: I am going to (the)_____ to/because of ______

Like my last lesson, I was having a hard time trying to explain this. However, I will do my best.

Normally in Japanese, you would express direction with へ. However, in this case, you would use に instead.

In Japanese, because is から、 or ので. Here, ので is the more formal way of saying it. Examples for both of these would be:

ので Example: 電車が止まったので授業に遅れました。(でんしゃがとまったのでじゅぎょうにおくれました))densha ga tomatta node jugyou ni okuremashita: I was late for the lesson because the train was suspended. Here, we use 'ので’ because you would be explaining this to a teacher, and not just to a friend. In which case, if it was a friend, you would use から

から Example: もう遅いから早く寝なさい。(もうおそいからはやくねなさい)mou osoi kara hayaku nenasai: Because it's getting late, go to bed early. You would usually say this to a child, your own child, so there is no need to be polite. Here you would use から

To say you are going to do something (i.e literally going to a place to do this), you would use ~に行きます (kana: にいきます). You would simply take the verb (I will be using informal verbs here), and take off the part that is conjugate. Ex. 食べる; you take off the る so that only 食べ is present. You can do this for most る verbs. For polite verbs, you just take off the ます. However, for some verbs, they do not change when you put the に行きます on it.

Some examples of this would be:

歩くに行きます aruku ni ikimasu: I'm going to walk

飲むに行きますnomu ni ikimasu: I'm going out for a drink

走るに行きます hashiru ni ikimasu: I'm going out for a run

To say that you are going somewhere because of something, you would use the から/ので part of the sentence, and then add the '_ ni ikimasu'.

Ex. Talking to a friend: お腹がすいたから食べに行きます onaka suita kara, tabe ni ikimasu: I'm going to eat because I'm hungry.

You would say 'because I'm hungry' first in the sentence, (お腹がすいたから), and then say what you are going to do (食べに行きます)

Examples with other verbs (and other forms of 行く)

頭が痛いので、学校に行きたくない(あたまがいたいから、がっこうにいきたくない)atama ga itai kara, gakkou ni ikitakunai: I don't want to go to school because I have a headache. (used ので because you would normally say this to a parent)

いい天気ですから、歩くに行きます(いいてんきですから、あるくにいきます)ii tenki desu kara, aruku ni ikimasu: Because the weather is nice, I am going out for a walk

友達は食べたいので、食べに行きます(ともだちはたべたいので、たべにいきます)tomodachi wa tebetai kara, tabe ni ikimasu: Because my friend wants to eat, we're going out to eat

優しい男の子に会いたいから、パーティーに行きます(やさしいおとこのこにあいたいから、ぱーてぃーにいきます)yasashii otoko no ko ni aitai kara, pāthī ni ikimasu: Because I want to meet a nice boy, I'll go to the party

お母さんはダイエットしますので、運動するに行きます(おかあさんはだいえっとしますので、うんどうするにいきます)okaasan wa daietto shimasu no de, undousuru ni ikimasu: Because mom is on a diet, she's going to exercise

I'm not confident that I got these all correct, so as usual, native speakers/experienced learners please correct me. これから頑張ってください

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November 10, 2016



Omg your amazing at japanese screw memrise I'm taking lessons from you XD


Biggest compliment I've received tbh. 本当に嬉しいよ( ´∀` )


学びたいなら、あなたに教えますww. If you want, I really could teach you.


歩くに行きます →歩きに行きます 飲むに行きます→飲みに行きます 走るに行きます →走りに行きます 運動するに行きます→運動しに行きます




Why is this easier to understand than my high school online Japanese course? That thing makes no dang sense, this actually makes some sort of sense.

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