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What happen to my account?

After the last apdate on IOS, i cant access to my account, only the button create new account.. I can i use my account with the app?

November 10, 2016

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Please move this to the Troubleshooting forums.

If it says that, try to hit "Create new account" and see if there is a login button on that page somewhere. =)


no login button on page, i try also to rotate but nothing, try to use my user data on new account but nothing, on android work well impossible to use on IOS


Can you send screenshots? I will be better able to help you if I see the pages.


I have the same problem. There isn't the login button, only che 'create new one'.


I am English and want to learn French but my account has changed ti Italian and I can't speak Italian. How can I change back to English?

Impara una lingua in soli 5 minuti al giorno. Gratis.