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  5. Make the audio clear, please.


Make the audio clear, please.

Some of us sometimes don't understand what we have to write down. The audio is unclear and some of us get frusturated

February 11, 2013



Yes I know what you mean. The german robovoice can't pronounce some words.

Bett => sounds like Bite

Royal => this is so different from the real pronunciation that it's impossible to know what "she" says.


I like your use of "some of us". Is the sound better when you listen to the slower samples? It might be possible that you still need to get used to the sounds of a language.


Yes, this "some of us" is awesome :3


Slowed down, it is easier to understand, and, sure, early learner's still need to adjust the flow of a new language, but I'm not sure an odd electronic voice is the best teacher. I agree with this user that the audio will need improvement in the future.


I find this, particularly with similar sounding words. I have to slow it down and even then its sometimes not clear. I find its worse in the App than on the site too. Not sure if whether it is something Site, App or iPad related though. I'd have thought the App used the same audio so maybe its just the speaker on my iPad.


i wrote "some of us" because i realize that i'm not the only one who complains, trust me


please like the comment click "^"


As I mentioned before, being hearing impaired makes it particularly difficult even at times on the slow mode. Turning up the volume, in my situation, is not effective perhaps worse. Some sounds are too similar to figure out and the frustrating part to me is that I miss quiz questions because I couldn't understand what "she" says. I do agree part of the problem is ours as we are not use to the nuances of the language.

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