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"Αυτή φοράει τα παπούτσια μου."

Translation:She wears my shoes.

November 10, 2016



Ι found a different form of the verb in two different dictionaries. I found φορώ for "wear" and φοράω wasn't in either of them.


    Both are correct. There are many verbs with one long, double vowel ending that is truncated to a single vowel like this. For more see here. (Although I have to add that the second example given there, οδηγώ, is now practically conjugated like αγαπάω in its long form.)


    Is there a word for "tennis" or "sneakers"?


    "Αθλητικά (παπούτσια)".


    the most annoing thing here is when the answer scorred incorrect on typos in English. And it happens for years without improvements. I typed "She wear" instead of "wears" and got "incorrect". This is what cossed me to drop duolingo previously and seems to happen again. I gave only one example but it happens all the time.


    you can see from the mistakes in my cry that english is not my native language. BTW I have an easy suggestion from the point of UX and programming logic how to improve this aweful experience with typos and mistakes.

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    There are certain things that are "typos" and other things that are "wrong". Using the wrong form of a verb is a big mistake. "wear" is used with I/ you/ We/ they it "is not used with** with "he'/ "she/ "it".

    But we have a way to make it all very, very easy and it doesn't matter what your native language is.


    These hints will show you how to always have the right translation. [color=red]TIPS TO HELP YOU LEARN[/color

    1 Use the Drop-Down hints to help you translate. Pass your cursor over a word and a list of translations will appear. Always use the top word/phrase. This will assure that you always have the right translation. This will assure that you always have the right translation. It's the secret to success. Do not hesitate to use these as often as you need to.

    2 Read the Tips & notes, on the first page of each lesson you’ll see TIPS. Click on that.

    3 Always read the comments before posting. Check the heading on the page to see the sentence and its translation. Click on any blue words for more definitions.

    4 If your translation is rejected you should carefully compare what you wrote with the answer given. If you do not see a mistake use the Report options at the foot of the exercise page to Report issues such as My answer should be accepted.

    1. I use smartphone so it's not so usable what you suggested.
    2. "she wear" is definitely a typo... and it's very disappointing when you do all right and then in the last step of the lesson you brake all your achievement due to such a stupid typo. :(

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    Even on a mobile you can access the correct translations. And if you want to change what the algorithm chooses to accept as a typo you'll have to address your comment to the Duolingo Administration. We here are teachers and this Forum is for language-related discussions.


    But as a teacher I can attest to the fact that the correct conjugation of verbs is much more important than a typo.


    In mobile I don't have all these features you mentioned (or probably I cannot find them, but if so it's the UX issue)

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