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  5. "We see each other tomorrow!"


"We see each other tomorrow!"

February 11, 2013



I am confused how this is such a short statement, I had nous voyons chaque autre demain. Can someone please explain the right answer?


It's the French verb "se voir" which works this way.

"Se voir" / "To see each other" or "to see oneself"

  • Je me vois / "I see myself"
  • Tu te vois / "You see yourself"
  • Il se voit / "He sees himself"
  • Elle se voit / "She sees herself".
  • On se voit / "We see ourserlves" OR "We see each other"
  • Nous nous voyons / "We see ourserlves" OR "We see each other"
  • Vous vous voyez / "You see yourselves" OR "You see each other"
  • Ils se voient / "They see themselves" OR "They see each other"

In common French, the "on" is often used instead of the "nous", but it doesn't mean using "nous" is incorrect. So in this exercise, "Nous nous voyons demain !" is also correct.


Sometimes a strict literal translation is wrong. :)


Thank you for this helpful explanation!

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