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I've just finished the Ukrainian tree :)

Привiт всім ! я тільки но закінчив український курсе. це було цікаво і дуже весело. Дякую всім за цю роботу на Duolingo :)

November 10, 2016



Well done! There are further resources here and here


wow! so cooooool!!!! im in the middle of it




how fluent do you feel if you dont mind me asking?


Привiт Giannag55 !

I can't really answer because I spent almost two years in Ukraine, so my answer won't be objective.

Before, starting to learn Ukrainian here, on Duolingo I taught Ukrainian to myself using Assimil "L'ukrainien sans peine" ( a textbook for french speakers). After finishing this, my level was around A2-B1.

Then, I didn't practice for a while, so I forgot a lot of words. I used Duolingo to reactivate my vocabulary and improve my comprehension skill.

It's too hard to say HOW I'm fluent now because it depends on your definition of fluency. For Ukrainian, I focused on the comprehension skill not really the speaking skill. Duolingo Helped me to reach this goal. Now I understand a lot of what people say on the street. Often, I go the cinema (dubbed in Ukrainian) and I understand around 75% of the movie. I have a good passive knowledge of Ukrainian but I need to practice more in order to get a better speaking skill. I'm also fluent in Russian and unfortunately, I use it too much instead of Ukrainian....

If think if you use Duolingo + lot of immersion (movies, podcasts, and PRACTICE) you can reach a B1 level.

Hope my answer Helps you!


thats interesting thank you :)

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