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Ukrainian Alphabet?

I've been on Duolingo for a few months(?) now and have recently not been using it for a while. I came back two days ago and decided to start learning some Ukrainian. My friend is half Ukrainian and has known the language quite a while so I thought I should learn. I'm on Basics Level 2 at the moment but thought I should probably learn the Ukrainian Alphabet instead of just the language in the English Alphabet. I have tried looking at the lessons for it but I have no idea how I'll remember the pronunciations, etc. How would be the best way to learn the Alphabet as someone who only really knows the English alphabet?

November 10, 2016


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When I started learning Ukrainian there was no choice but to use the Ukrainian alphabet, and I had no prior knowledge of it. I just started at the beginning with Letters 1, 2 and 3 ... the only thing I did do was copy and paste the Tips and Notes into a separate document that I could keep open at the same time and keep referring back to during those and subsequent lessons. It just gradually sticks (honest!).

I also gradually realised that there are more similarities than I first thought: м а т о к б. Then if you're familiar with the Greek alphabet (even just from Maths) there is д (like delta, for d), п (like pi, for p), х (like chi, for Ch). Then there are familiar looking letters with new sounds: н (n), в (v ... which is actually the same as Beta in modern Greek I discovered once the Duolingo Greek course appeared. And more have just gradually stuck as I've learned complete words: once I knew слон (slon) was elephant, I could remember л is L .. and so on.

Also do check out the resources in the posts stickied at the top of the Ukrainian forum such as Before you set about conquering the DL Ukrainian tree (I found this really useful) and Resources for the on-going Ukrainian learning (UPD). There is also a Ukrainian alphabet page within the Ukrainian Grammar Portal

I wouldn't say it's easy, but it does get easier with practice ... and don't beat yourself up if you have to use the hover tips to remind yourself of which letters to use: you are a learner after all, and they are there to help!


Thanks for the help!


Personally, when I start to learn a new writing system, I like to go the cold turkey and rely completely on the language's native alphabet. Here are some tips you should do.

  • Write the alphabet and pronunciation on a piece of paper and make it your cheat sheet for when you get stuck

  • Write down the new vocabulary from the letters lesson with English pronunciation under it and practise reading it alound. For example;




Note that the Cyrillic alphabet isn't as hard as it seems either. Often what makes a language, equation or anything difficult is how we approach it. Approach with a positive attitude and set realistic goals like "OK, today I'm going to learn and read ten Ukrainian words!". Good Luck!


Hello! Maybe you shouldnt learn the Ukrn Alphabet or not depends on you . If you see it as compulsion you might lose all the fun there is in language learning. Also most languages have their original script and other scripts used to fit other countries for example:Arabic uses the arabic script and can be latinised but if ukraine uses its script along with other scripts. Try to know the one you are gunning at ,eg. its scripts for formal situations and other scripts for entertainment. And also if you said something about the confusion and its difficulty....As your language progresses you will be able to demystify and merge both.This example of a French learner and expecting him to learn all the accents along with the words on his basic lesson.Hell no! So keep it up.


Not to start an argument but, learning the alphabet is very important and by using the Latin alphabet it can lead to bad habits


Go to YouTube and search for the Ukrainian Alphabet. That helped me.

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