"Mi is álmosak vagyunk!"

Translation:We are sleepy too!

November 10, 2016

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No issue with this sentence, other than that the "animals" section is a weird place for it

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Shouldn't " We are sleepy also." be accepted?


Sounds a bit off with the "also" back there. Maybe "We are also sleepy".


I think the original sentence of "Mi is álmosak vagyunk." stresses the "mi" more, so my understanding of the translation would be closer to something like: "(Regarding the two of us,) We too, are sleepy."

But then I started to ponder about another possibility: Say if the two are not just angry (let's just assume that it has been stated already in an earlier statement, as in the example below) but also sleepy, would one be required to place "is" after "álmosak"? Since that would become the focus of the sentence?

János: "(Mi) mérgesek vagyunk."

Kati: "(És) Mi álmosak is vagyunk!" (We are (angry) and sleepy also!)

Would it be possible, given the context? Thanks in advance :)


also ? too ? not synonyms ? . . .


Yes synonyms. Just not in the database yet. Please keep reporting. :)


-------- roger, wilco . . .

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