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  5. "Pure mia zia cucina così."

"Pure mia zia cucina così."

Translation:Even my aunt cooks like that.

February 18, 2014



The sound on this exercise is rubbish - the voice clearly says the first word as "peyoorrr" and this is the second example of the same word improperly spoken by the recording. Even my Italian husband could not understand it; how certain can we be that this an isolated example ???


Indeed. Appears a little harsh!

[deactivated user]

    Why can I not put, "Even my aunt cooks that?" It was on the drop down menu.


    I put that too. Who in English says 'My aunt cooks so'?


    "My aunt cooks that way also" was also accepted


    Why is it marked incorrect for leaving out 'way' when there is no such word in the sentence?


    Would it be correct to say : Mia zia pure cucina così.


    For adverbs, a typical rule is that if the adverb is not at the beginning or the end of a sentence (which isn't always correct), it is almost ALWAYS correct for the adverb to be directly after the related verb. So "cucina pure" would typically be the correct order if pure is midsentence


    Could this also be " My aunt cooks this way too"?


    Is this an insult or a neutral sentence? Seems like 'pure' can mean both 'even' and 'also'/ 'as well', which have different meanings in this context.


    Why not "even my aunt cooks so" or "even my aunt cooks this way"?


    my aunt also cooks like that is not correct? Pure io ho.. and all that.

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