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Hungarian: Beginner's Starter Kit?

Could anyone please assist me in finding comprehensive and concise learning aids for absolute beginners in Hungarian?

I am particularly looking for a full overview of the alphabet, spelling, letter combinations, accents, pronunciation; and a full basic overview of the grammar (e.g. all the possible tenses; and a complete introduction to the declensions).

I am seriously considering working through the entire Hungarian skill-tree after I finish the Italian one. I would like to do so with a sense of a more grounded foundation at least, as I have tried doing a few of the skills, but I've been lost in the lessons more often than not.

November 11, 2016



BaBaDum is great for learning new words, or simple practice as you advance into the language. They have 21 languages available, including Hungarian.

However, if immersing yourself in a language with no English translation is your way of learning, then I strong suggest egyszervolt.hu. Since it's made for children, it has simple words and grammar. The website has games, stories, and videos.

Below I will provide a link to an immensely helpful video with the Hungarian alphabet. Once you have that down, you can do courses in Memrise.

Sok szerencsét kivánok!

Links: - https://babadum.com/ - egyszervolt.hu - https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-get-a-Hungarian-accent - http://www.memrise.com/courses/english/hungarian/


I'm looking for that as well :) One website I have found helpful (if not perfect) is the Hungarian Reference. It has a lot about grammar and explains things very well. If you ever google a question about Hungarian, it's usually among the first results.


I would recommend a book - "Gyakorló Magyar nyelven - A Practical Hungarian Grammar" Szita Szilvia and Görbe Tamás by Akadémiai Kiadó. This takes you through grammar in Hungarian and English with worked examples and graded exercises (with answers). I have been using it for several years, initially to learn and now as a reference and practice.

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