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"Las unidades básicas de un organismo son las células."

Translation:The basic units of an organism are the cells.

February 18, 2014



What's with the bio sentences in the politics lesson?


Oh sure, in the Medical section we learned about parts of the body, here we learn about chem and bio.


Hey guys... I know sometimes things can get mixed up in the back end... but I'm fairly certain this lesson has been miss-shelved.

Either that... or Duo is throwing things around in an odd order... again... though... Duo having a shaky understanding of human politics due to him being an owl... is a head canon I can accept...


The last lesson in the Sports skill also has random sentences totally unrelated to sports, such as sentences about meat for lunch, she wants there to be less wine, there was rain. Makes me wonder why they are there.


It's really odd that organismo is being translated as organism in the context of politics. Organ is possible as a political term, though very formal and rare. It should be organization, body, institution, or agency here, and the biology references dropped. They're confusing and out of context.


Thinking about politics, I put organization and was marked wrong. I reported it.


Cells are the basic units of an organism. Why is this wrong?

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