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I'm looking for french movies with french subtitles

Watching movies in english with english subtitles was very helpful when I was learning the language. Now I want to improve my French. Being a movie lover, I've seen many, many french films, but all with english subtitles. Does anyone have recommendations on where to find them? I usually download everything by torrent - and I have Les Enfants du Paradis, that amazing french film, in my computer. Would be awesome to watch it with french subs.

February 18, 2014



Try TED talks in French. It's on Youtube and they're pretty long


This has helped me a lot over the years.


Awesome advice. Thanks!


I realize this post was made a year ago, but I discovered it while searching for French movies with French subtitles, so hopefully this will help someone else in the future. Netflix has a fairly decent selection of French films (you can google "French language films on Netflix" to find lists of them) but few offer French subtitles, but there is a way to override Netflix's subtitles.

  1. Using the Google Chrome browser, install the Super Netflix extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/super-netflix/aioencjhbaolepcoappllicjebblphoc?hl=en)
  2. Go find a subtitle for the movie you want to watch (you can google "subtitle database" for a list of sites that offer subtitles)
  3. Upload it to http://subflicks.com/ to convert it into a Netflix subtitle file
  4. Start up the movie in your Chrome browser
  5. Click on the subtitle icon in the top right (it looks like a square speech balloon with an ellipsis in it)
  6. Select the subtitle file you downloaded from SubFlicks
  7. Watch the movie with your new subtitles.


This was just what I was looking for. Very helpul. Thank you!


Thanks! That just helped me as well! :)


This was so easy and really helps me spend more time with the language : ) thank you!!


does it also have English sub??


KennethStory sorry, I understood steps 1, 2 and 3. But I didn't understand step 4. When I enter Supernetflix, how can I find the movie from Netflix?


Will this work for Amazon Video also? Netflix has a decent number of French with French subs, Amazon meanwhile has plenty of French films but all with English subtitles.


Subtitles are well off


This site is great! French movies with french subtitles.


Ce site est parfait! C'est exactement ce que je cherches. Merci!


I am not sure if it is exactly what you want but I have notices that quite a few Disney movies have french audio and subtitles. Beauty and the beat, even the newer movies such as Brave seem to have them....although it seems that this is only applicable to the DVD versions.


You could try the subsection of Foreign films: French, from Netflix®; they have some films all of which have English (only) subtitles. I loved the movie "The Women on the 6th Floor".


Les femmes du 6e étage est un film merveilleux. Merci beaucoup!


Anyone knows how to find the french subtitles for the movie "La Chance de Ma Vie"? I has tried google, but seemed no subtitles in french.


Im in the same search


Their is a movie I watched In French Class, Actually A few. Here they are- Un Chat un Paris ( A cat in Paris) Kiriku Frozen


I have a blog with free French courses and a special page with French movies with French subtitles:clic on http://expressfrancais.com/peliculas-en-frances/. I post a new French movie with subtitles every week! See you soon on my blog http://expressfrancais.com Stéphanie


Can someone tell me if it is possible to find a site that has french subtitles for French films


'La cage dorée' est un super film français, je vous le conseille vraiment !


ceci est un film portugais


I just watched "Princess Diaries Royal Engagement" in French with English Subtitles! It was awesome!! You can watch it with French subtitles too. It is a chick flick though. . . Good Luck!


La famille Bélier


You will love Journey to Greenland French with French subtitles


If you're in France and you want to watch films at the cinema 'avec sous-titres' then check this website http://www.cinest.fr/Seances/ProchainesSeances.aspx?ville=Paris

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