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New speaking exercise stops recording too quickly

As an alternate solution to actually fixing the problem, we could at least have an option to only stop the recording ourselves. It keeps cutting me off mid-sentence, even when I don't give much pause between words.

February 18, 2014



Same problem. I have tried speaking quickly and slowly, and pausing between words, but I still get stopped mid-sentence. Sometimes Duolingo will display one or two words of my speech in black text, then recognize a couple more words that I said (displayed in grey text), but then remove them as if they were wrong!


Surprised to see these old posts and have the same problem years later. I only have this problem on the browser version. Android app works fine for me


Hi SergeantFTC! Are you using a computer or a smaller device, such as an iPhone? If this is happening on the computer, the microphone might not be functioning because you have not allowed DuoLingo to access your microphone. And because of that, it does not receive sound, therefore immediately assumes you have spoken your answer. Otherwise, the problem could also be on your computer, so check your microphone settings and see if it is actually receiving sound. If you are on a smaller device, try reinstalling DuoLingo, speaking louder, or checking your settings for anything that you have not allowed DuoLingo to access. Hope this helps! :)


I'm using a computer. Yes, I've allowed DL to access my microphone. I said it was cutting me off early, not that it wasn't hearing me at all. I can see it recognize some words as I speak.


Hi again! I think you should try disabling your microphone and then turning it back on.

Windows: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-pictures/i-need-help-turning-my-mic-off/00072d10-53c1-4990-b3d2-5c3aa73bd6b4


If you have a different type of computer, I can find the link for you or you can search for it online. If this still doesn't work, check if the sound your microphone is receiving is from your computer's internal microphone, or whichever external one you are using. Also, try turning of your computer's sound output, which could be disturbing sounds. :)


The problem is not my mic. I'm using a pretty good headset USB mic that sounds quite nice when I use a sound recording program to test it. Thanks, but I don't need basic troubleshooting help.


Same sort of problems here. Not only do I get cut off early frequently enough to make timed practices with a mic a hassle, but I'll frequently watch the program add in extra words I didn't say in between or entirely remove correct segments of speech after ending. I don't understand how its artificial brain functions at all, but it seems a pretty sadistic one.

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