"Où est ma montre ?"

Translation:Where is my watch?

February 12, 2013

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This sounds like "mes montres" at the normal speed, does "ma" start to sound like the "a" in "apple" in some cases?


The "a" sound is always the same (like in the French word "papa"), except when it's combined with other vowels.

Ex 1 : "maison" = "house"

In this case, the "a" forms a single sound with the "i", which could be compared to the sound "è" as in the word "frère".

Ex 2 : "chevaux" = "horses"

In this case, the "a" forms a single sound with the "u", which could be compared to the sound "o" as in the word "trop".

Last time I checked, Google Translate was doing a fine job with the French pronunciation, if it can help you. (Can't check with these words right now, the computer I'm using has no sound).


safe to say that they are talking about a wristwatch? I thought montre was for "showing"


"montre" is both a noun and a conjugated verb, that's why.


So montre means both the noun "watch" and the verb "to watch"? (I know it's the same in English, I just want to make sure I'm getting this right.)


Nope, the verb "montrer" means "to show". One of its conjugated form can be "montre" (for example the third person singular).

The noun "montre" means the noun "watch" indeed.


Both "wristwatch" and "watch" as in the kind of watch a soldier might keep in the night?


no, the noun "montre" means the object "watch" used to keep track of the time.

The other meanings of "watch" have other translations, you can have a look here:



A soldier's watch is 'garde' or 'sentinelle'


It's been stolen by the person who said, "J'aime leurs montres" elsewhere in this lesson.

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