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"Wie auch immer, ich werde mitmachen."

February 12, 2013



"Wie auch immer" = "anyway," not "also as always"?


Wie auch immer is an idiom and depending on the context, you might translate it to anyhow, anyway, however or howsoever, according to leo.org. This is the sort of anyway or however you would seperate with a comma, like in the example. I'm not very good at this kind of english words, so I can't give you any better example, but I can tell you that 'wie auch immer' often is interchangable with 'wie dem auch sei' and that's translated to 'howbeit' or 'be that as it may' – maybe that helps.


Thank you. I thought I was getting better at recognizing idioms--not necessarily knowing what they mean, but identifying a group of words as such--but at least out of the context of running text, they still sneak up on me. Now that you mention it, "anyway" could also be a bit elusive in English; it also doesn't translate literally, but is more like "regardless of anything/everything else." Thanks.

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