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"Mindenfelől érkeznek hajók ebbe a városba."

Translation:Ships arrive in this city from every direction.

November 11, 2016



Is it wrong translate MINDENFELŐL as from everywhere instead of every direction|


nem ebben a városban?


No, the word arrive is used differently in Hungarian than in English or German.

arrive in/at = megérkezik -ba/-be or -ra/-re or -hoz/-hez/-höz (~ into, onto, to)

"Where do you arrive?" = "Hová érkezel?" (not "Hol érkezel?")


Thank you! Very interesting! Does that mean, that i cannot use the question: Hol érkezik a bus, vonat... ? Always hova for érkezik, also in past tense? Hova érkezett and not hol érkezett?


Hol érkezik a vonat? doesn't exist. We can only say "Hová érkezik?" ( to which place ) or "Honnan jön?" ( from where ).

Use hova + érkezik for describing future tense ( probably in the near future ).

Use honnan + érkezett/jött for past tense.


You can use "hova" (="hová") and "honnan" in all tenses, they have a different meaning.

Hova érkezett? = Where did it arrive?

Honnan érkezett? = From where did it arrive/come?

Hova fog érkezni? = Where is it going to arrive?

Honnan fog érkezni? = From where is it going arrive/come?

("Hol érkezett?" doesn't exist.)


Is it so bad to write " ships arrive from every direction to this city "?

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