"Ők is elutaznak oda?"

Translation:Do they travel there, too?

November 11, 2016

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"Are they traveling there, too" should be accepted, dear duofriends. I would not go so far as to suggest that "Do they travel away, too" sounds like poor English, but to mark my translation as wrong... hmmm


You are very right about that, but please report these issues via the Report a problem option, in order for your duofriends to have a chance to read, and act upon, them. :)


Yes and if you get it right (e.g. using word bank on a phone) then you cannot report it!


Are they also traveling over there?


what is ths difference between utaznak/elutaznak/odautaznak? What are the nuances of "travel there" each imply?


--------- utaznak = they're traveling; elutaznak = they travel away; and odautaznak = they travel there or over there . . .


It is just a little more detail, so you can set a focus on what you want to tell.

Focus on "away from here": elutaznak

Focus on "to that place there": odautaznak

Focus on "just traveling around": (ide és oda) utaznak

And so on


There seem to be two possibilities in English: 1) Do they, too, travel there (do they travel there in addition to others who have traveled there)? 2) Do they travel there, too (do they travel there in addition to elsewhere)?

Am I right that in Hungarian it’s only the former?

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