"Tu apri la bottiglia."

Translation:You open the bottle.

February 12, 2013

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Previously, in verbs similar to this, the "you" seemed to be optional - why not in this case? I wrote "Open the bottle" & it was marked wrong!


Well, "open the bottle" is imperative (as is "apri la bottiglia"), while specifying the subject first forces it to simple present.


The imperative in Italian would also not have the subject "tu"

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    No, the imperative mood doesn't use subject pronouns in Italian.


    What is the difference between 'apri' and 'aprite' and when may I use each?

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    apri = is directed to a single person; aprite = more than one


    Could someone break down how to pronounce the "bottiglia"? I tried to check it out on forvo, but I'm still having trouble saying the last part of the word.


    Thank you! That helps a lot.


    This may be silly to ask here but how would you make this into a question, e.g. how would you make it into "Can you open the bottle (please)?"


    I think that would be "puoi aprire la bottiglia (per favore)."


    This last part of present tense is cool, IMO. The idea here is to rock and roll all night. I found "you open the bottle" and "we finish the cake". They sounded like a party :)


    I put "you open the bottle." its still saying I'm wrong, any ideas?


    Why when the gave the English "You open the bottle" the answer was "APRITE la bottiglia" but when its given in Italian "Tu _ la bottiglia", so to fill in the blank I put in "aprite" and it was wrong?? Supposed to be "apri". What am I missing?

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    with "tu" we are talking to one person, while "aprite" is directed to more than one person (plural)

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      I just really love finding all the roots of common used word in italian. Like apri and aperitif, or fame and famine. Even if it comes from latin, its still really awesome.

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