"A két fiú odafut a két nőhöz, a brazil az angolhoz és a magyar a brazilhoz."

Translation:The two boys run over to the two women, the Brazilian to the English and the Hungarian to the Brazilian.

November 11, 2016

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Lol these sentences keep getting more and more complex


23 words to choose from (in English), 6 of them are "the". An insane, pointless and absurd task. Please fix this course by removing all those useless absurdities.


Who is the curator of such wonderful sentences? I can only wonder.


"English" as a noun can only be used in the plural. It needs to be either "the English one" or "the English woman."


What is the point of giving us sentences which you yourselves cannot translate into correct English?


You do understand the difficulty in finding people who are 100% in both languages, don't you?

Or, instead, you could assist, by reporting the item (as I have already), and suggesting corrections, in order to help improve the course as a whole.


I think this is strange thing to try to say in the first place though...in Hungarian as well (according to my Hungarian partner)

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The English makes sense to me.


Because frustration took over buddy. Cut him some slack. This course is trash.


It is fine that it is complex however I bet you that you would never ever used such sentence in the real life


Sentence is too long damn it!


Having proved incorrect in the past for not having added one/ones to the nationality adjectives when used as substantives, I did the contrary this time on all (the ones). Result? Wrong again!


Yes. This sentence is just so contrived to begin with. I think its right to give Duo the benefit of the doubt as much as possible but this one is particularly unhelpful, and the irritation felt by others is quite understandable.


Just wondering does Hungarian people use such complicated sentences every day in real life.


Oddly specific sentence.


This is just such garbage sentence structure and not memorable at all. Literally no desire to continue this course with such shite examples.

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