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How to change a password?!

How do I change my password if I don't remember the old one? Duolingo sent me an email that reads:

"Forgot your password? No problem! Just click the link below or copy and paste the address in your browser to reset. On the website, you'll be able to enter and confirm your new password."

It doesn't say where on the website I can enter/confirm new password, but I assume it's under "settings." To do that, though, I have to know the old one. Which is the problem, since I want to get a new password since I don't know the old one.

June 18, 2012



If you happened to save your password in your browser, you can check it in your browser settings.


Thanks everyone. I didn't know I could check it in my browser settings.



Well, that's the problem I am asking about. On the "password" tab, there are three fields: "Current password," "New password" and "Confirm new password."

To change my password, I have to fill out all three fields. And as I say, I don't remember my current password.


Sorry, I must admit I didn't read everything you wrote. I guess my answer is irrelevant now.

You might want to try signing off then seeing if there is a "forgot my password" option on the login screen.


Yes, you can sign off and click on the "forgot password" link.

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