"What is the colour of the Welsh flag?"

Translation:Beth yw lliw baner Cymru?

November 11, 2016



Like if got confused about this :/

November 11, 2016

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Yes, this is a confusing sentence since the Welsh and the English are so different in construction.

The literal translation of the Welsh is = 'What is colour (of) flag (of) Wales?'

In standard English there are a number of ways this can be tranposed:-

What is the colour of the flag of Wales

What is the colour of the Welsh flag

What is the colour of the Wales flag

The point is that the Welsh sentence doesn't need the definite article but the English one does.

November 12, 2016


Why is 'Beth yw lliw y baner Gymraeg?' not correct? Or 'Beth ydy lliw y baner Cymraeg'?

February 28, 2017


Good question, sorry I can't help.

October 27, 2017
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