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le robe vs les robes

How can you tell the difference is pronunciations?

June 18, 2012



Well, first, before I answer your question, I should correct something. "Robe" is feminine, so it would be "la" robe. There is a bigger difference in pronunciation between "la" and "les" than there is between "le" and "les."

After you spend some time with the French language, this will become easier. You have to learn to pay very close attention to the articles "le," "la," and "les" because "robe" and "robes" are pronounced EXACTLY the same.

So, as you're listening, you hear... [blah blah blah blah] LA "roab" (my English pronunciation spelling for the French "robe") [blah blah blah]


[blah blah blah blah] LES "roab" (my English pronunciation spelling for the French "robes") [blah blah blah]

and you have to develop the ability to pick up on this to figure out the context.

Hope this helps.


First of all, it’s “la robe.” But anyway: LES is pronounced like MET. It’s a clear, longer sound. LE is a shorter sound, and it doesn’t sound like that; you round your lips to pronounce it. It sounds more like the “u” in “put.” I hope this helps.

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