"Школам нужны хорошие учителя."

Translation:Schools need good teachers.

November 11, 2016

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Why is it учителя?? but not учители??


Who knows! Some masculine nouns switch from a usual -ы(-и) ending to a stressed -а(-я), like глаз ("eye"). A few more examples:

  • по́езд → поезда́ ("train")
  • до́ктор → доктора́ ("doctor")
  • профе́ссор → профессора́ ("professor")

These are standard; actually, поезды, докторы and профессоры would make you sound weird. Come to think of it, учитель is the only word with the suffix -тель which DOES NOT end in -тели in plural. At least, I cannot recall any other word with such behaviour.

And here are some of the words still in transition:

  • догово́р → договора́ ("contract, agreement")
  • ве́ктор → вектора́ ("vector")
  • се́рвер → сервера́ ("server")
  • тре́нер → тренера́ ("instructor")

These words have such endings in professional use but not in the standard language recommended in dictionaries.


"For schools, it is necessary to have good teachers." Should be accepted. Saying "For schools" instead of just "Schools" reminds me that this is dative. "Schools need" just seems like a very nominative construction.


How do we know this sentence means more than one school rather than just one?


школам — dative plural
школе — dative singular


correct pronounciation нужнЫ учителЯ


Is "учителя" the genitive of "учители"?


yes, the genitive singular. but it’s also the nominative plural.


Why can't it be "the school needs good teachers"?


Something is up with this lesson there are not buttons to play the sounds again and for some reason on Chrome the sentences don't always complete the first time they are played


Неправильное произношение. Ударение должно падать на последний слог -"учителЯ"

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