"The woman's dress."

Translation:Το φόρεμα της γυναίκας.

November 12, 2016

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Why we used "το" instead of "η" because the noun is ending is "-a" wich is "φορεμα" for example "η γύναικα" the noun is ending with "α" therefore we know its feminine.

I'm really confused can somebody explain whats going on here please?


Why we used "το" instead of "η"

Because the noun φόρεμα is neuter -- like almost all nouns ending in -μα.


I didn't know nouns that ending with "-μα" are neuter thanks σας ευχαριστω :)


Careful, it says..."almost all nouns..." Grammar rules always have exceptions.


I used "Τα" instead of "Το". Talking about female clothing, so I figured "φόρεμα" was feminine.


τα is neuter plural, not feminine either :)

And it's not a safe bet by any means that clothing for females will be grammatically feminine. Or even for body parts - there are specifically male parts that are neuter, specifically female ones that are masculine, for example.


Yes. For a beginner it sounds good to know that masculine is for male, feminine for female and neutral for things. But since you passed to the next step it would be wise to memorise the gender, a difficult task, I know. :/


I was expecting to find someone that asked why γυναίκα ends in ς this time. Anybody cares to explain? Ευχαριστώ πολύ


The general pattern is that feminine words ending in a vowel in the nominative get an -ς in the genitive: της γυναίκας is the genitive case. This rule of thumb works for the singular number only and exceptions apply, as is pretty much always the case with Greek!

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