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  5. "Το χρώμα του κουταλιού."

"Το χρώμα του κουταλιού."

Translation:The color of the spoon.

November 12, 2016



I used "κουτάλι" instead of "κουταλιού". Are they different kinds of spoons?


κουτάλι is nominative or accusative case, κουταλιού is genitive case, which is needed here for the "of the" relationship.


This exercise didn't accept 'the spoon's colour'. Can anyone tell me why please.

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It should be accepted. We have added it as a possible translation. Did you encounter it in a strengthen exercise? They are known not to accept all of the possible translations for some reason. :/


Yes, it was in a strengthen exercise on my mobile app. Thanks!


Am I mishearing, or does the λ take on a /j/ sound here? And if it does, is there a rule for when λ does this?


Am I mishearing, or does the λ take on a /j/ sound here?

It's probably a [ʎ] (turned-y) sound, similar to Italian gl in figlio: a sound that's not present in most English accents.

Kind of a mixed [l] and [j], or a palatalised [l].

In various languages, the sound is apt to turn into a [j] sound, e.g. Hungarian ly.

is there a rule for when λ does this?

Before an /i/ sound, or before a letter representing the /i/ sound followed by another vowel -- for example, ήλιος is pronounced ['iʎos], with no /i/ sound in it.

Have a look at https://www.foundalis.com/lan/grphdetl.htm#p_palatalization .


Most probably you wrote it in English and it should be written in Greek, Jennifer

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