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  5. "Η δημοσιογράφος λέει τα νέα."

"Η δημοσιογράφος λέει τα νέα."

Translation:The journalist reports the news.

November 12, 2016



The standard phrase would be "reads" the news - the job is a "newsreader". "Presents the news" is also standard usage.. If it is a journalist doing a live broadcast from somewhere - "report" would be the best term. "Says" or "speaks" the news would be wrong, however - it's only a literal translation.

(This applies to British English, incidentally - I don't know if it might be different in the US.)


Yes, we also accept in place of "says" reads/reports/presents. If you tried one of these and it was rejected please report it directly to Duo Help Center because that would constitute a technical error.

Thanks for your input.


It would never be "tells" in English. "Reports" or "reads" or even "presents" would be used/correct in English


"Tells" has been removed. Thank you for your contribution.


I agree that 'tells the news' sounds a bit unnatural, but perhaps 'tells' should be left in as an option for those that translate the sentence literally.


Wouldn't "reports" (instead of "says/tells") be a better option?


"The journalist says the news" is not correct English.


Could this be "The journalist is telling the news." ?

I'm unsure about the English.


Neither sounds natural to me. Something like: presents or reports sound better but the Gr doens't allow for that much change.


I said "The news anchor speaks the news." What would be a news anchor?

Βικιπαιδεια says that Walter Kronkite was a δημοσιογράφος.



Glosbe shows three possibilities for "news anchor," as follows: εκφωνητής δελτίου ειδήσεων; παρουσιαστής ειδήσεων; and τηλεπαρουσιαστής, -άστρια.


No doubt your feelings are strong for you, but it's still not clear why I'm being voted down for quoting a Greek source and asking a question.


Lyazko, now it's my turn to not be clear on something. Where did I show "strong feelings" by simply answering your question, "What would be a news anchor?" (since δημοσιογράφος is really just "journalist" or "reporter"? And who "voted you down"? Where? Surely not me. Best wishes! -- Paul


"The journalist says the news" was just refused. Is that not accepted?

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