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le garcon and les garcons are same as per duolingo machine voice.Is it the same way in France?? Is anybody facing the same problem ?

June 18, 2012



Yes, "le garcon" and "les garcons" is pronounced almost exactly the same. "Garcon" and "garcons" is pronounced EXACTLY the same. "le" and "les" are close. "Les" is pronounced in English somewhat like "lay," while "le" is more like "luh."


"Le" and "les" sound very similar to an Anglosaxon ear, mainly because the flat (non-diphthong) "e" vowel in "les" does not occur in regular American or English pronunciation. French "les" sounds similar to "lay" in a Scottish accent. The vowel in "le" is called "schwa" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schwa) and sounds like the "e" in "taken".

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