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7 Jokes in Spanish

1) Hay tres clases de personas. There are three kinds of people.

Las que saben contar y las que no. Those who know how to count, and those who don’t.

Explanation: This joke is funny because although we think we are going to hear about three kinds of people, we only hear about two. Someone really doesn’t know how to count!

2) ¿Sabes las dos palabras que te abrirán muchas puertas en el mundo? Do you know which two words will really open doors for you in the world?

Tire y empuje. Push and pull.

Explanation: not really referring to opening doors of opportunity, the punchline here is that they are talking about literally opening and closing doors.

3) ¿Qué le dijo un techo a otro techo? What did one roof say to the other roof?

Techo de menos. I miss you.

Explanation: This one is a play on words. The word for ‘roof’ is ‘techo’ and sounds very similar to ‘te echo’. ‘Te echo de menos’ is one way of saying ‘I miss you’ in Spanish.

4) Un pez le pregunta a su amigo, “¿Qué hace tu padre?” A fish asks his friend, “ What does your dad do?”

Nada. Nothing.

Explanation: The word ‘nada’ in Spanish means ‘nothing’ but is also the conjugation of ‘to swim’.

5) ¿Cómo haces para que un pan hable? How do you get bread to talk?

Pues lo pones en agua toda la noche y al día siguiente ya está blando. Well, you put it in water all night and the next day it’s soft/talking.

Explanation: Another play on words, this joke uses the words ‘hablar’ and ‘blando’. ‘Hablar’ is to speak and ‘blando’ is soft. When you say the last part of the joke ‘…ya está blando’ it sounds almost exactly like ‘…ya está hablando’ or ‘the bread is already talking’. Kind of absurd but funny at the same time!

6) ¿Que dijo el 1 al 10? What did the 1 say to the 10?

Para ser como yo debes ser sincero. To be like me you have to be sincere.

Explanation: Now, the word ‘sincere’ in Spanish is ‘sincero’ which sounds a lot like ‘ sin cero’ or without a zero. So, to be a 1 the 10 would have to lose the 0. I crack myself up!

7) ¿Cuál es el colmo de un jardinero? What’s the last straw for a gardener?

Que siempre lo dejen plantado. To always get stood up.

Explanation: ‘El colmo’ jokes are very popular and can be translated as something that ‘takes the cake’, ‘the last straw’ or ‘the limit’. If you are going on a date for example and the other person doesn’t show up, you get stood up or ‘plantado’ which in Spanish also means to plant something, like a gardener does.

credits: http://www.mosalingua.com/en/funny-jokes-in-spanish-will-help-learn/

Do you know jokes in Spansih with an explanation? Post them in a comment below, thanks.

November 12, 2016



I am a native Spanish speaker, the first, second, third and fifth are the funniest! A lot of time passed since the last time I read a Spanish joke.


A lot of time has passed* since... :D


I did think of the true meaning of nada a while back :) I wonder if there're any jokes about "siento" (I sit down / feel), suelo (the ground / I tend to)... Thanks a lot for the post, a great way to learn!


Thoroughly enjoyed them, thanks for posting! And I will be moving to Spain soon. Cannot wait!!!


That's what I call immersion, if you force yourself out of your comfort zone, that is, force yourself to speak Spanish - not English - with Spaniards.

Lucky you!


thank you, very funny!


Awesome jokes. My friend plans to use them during her Spanish class.


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