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  5. "Dych chi'n hoffi mis Hydref?"

"Dych chi'n hoffi mis Hydref?"

Translation:Do you like October?

November 12, 2016



I don't know if it's related, but "hydref/Hydref" sounds a lot like "hidro-", which is a Greek rooted morpheme meaning water, as you surely know. Well, that at least serves as a memory aid, if we think that not only autumn is the wettest season, but October is the month with the most precipitation in Wales.


GCP suggests it comes from "Hydd+bref" (Stag/Hart+Bleat/Low) refering to when a the male deer would bleat for their mates. It also gives this from a dictionary by a W.Owen Pughe
"1803 P, hydrev, the ingathering, or harvest season; autumn; October.

id (The same as)., hyddvrev, the rutting of deer; rutting season; october."


Oh, really interesting! Diolch da iawn!


Hydref means autumn and October, correct? Would Medi or Tachwedd also be appropriate to use for autumn?


The notes -- https://www.duolingo.com/skill/cy/Months -- state:

yr hydref - autumn

mis Hydref - October

The mis is sometimes dropped when the context is very clear or when used with dates (covered later in the course). Apart from when using dates, it is best to use the mis, and this is what Duo does.

((My two cents: Also, it looks as tho the season can start with a lowercase "h" but the month, a proper noun, can't.))


No, only "Hydref" has the double meaning of "October" and "Autumn".


Is autumn the same word as October l'm confused


The word is the same, but the usage and meaning are different:

  • yr hydref - (the) autumn (meaning the season)
  • mis Hydref - October (meaning the month)

Another example is Mawrth:

  • Mawrth - Mars (meaning the planet, named after the Roman god)
  • dydd Mawrth - Tuesday (the day of the week)
  • mis Mawrth - March (the month)
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