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How to view followers on Duolingo?

I can see my friends (who i follow), but how can I see who is currently following me?

February 12, 2013



For further clarification, I want to know how to view followers from the site itself. I know you get an email, but suppose someone stops following you, then you could not find out who it was. What I mean to say is that you cannot see who is following you at present.

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I want to see who's following me too!!!


We know there are times this would be useful, it's just something that was hard for us to fit into the Leaderboard design (and the Leaderboard design stuck around because it performs well).

We'll see if we can find an elegant way to bring Followers back into the mix.


Well u r supposed to go on your profile (this works only on 'the online duolingo') which is generally on the dropdown menu next to your profile pic... and then scroll a bit to see a friends section with two headlines- following and followers... Simple work ;-)


In the past, we just checked on friends... now we have no longer this option. Sorry 4 not being able 2 help u...

<h1>Thanks to everyone for their quick responses!</h1>


or you can click the activity button at the top of the site it will be there too


I believe that is only the people who you have followed/whom you have followed back. I'm currently looking for someone who friended me but I can't find her...now I have to have to ask her for her username and search her in order to friend her.


woo look at all of you... I am a noob :'v


I would like to see friends of friends : )


Yes type up your name and search through there tap on peoples names and if your username is there they are following you that is the only way I know

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