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  5. "Y Blaid Lafur yng Nghymru."

"Y Blaid Lafur yng Nghymru."

Translation:The Labour Party in Wales.

November 12, 2016



Not The Welsh Labour Party? Has that a different title?


Why is it sometimes "Plaid Lafur" and sometimes "Y Blaid Lafur"? For example, when the sentence was "The Labor Party won a lot of seats," it marked "Enillodd y Blaid Lafur lawer o seddi" as wrong for using "y."


Like Dave Carver, I would like to know what "the Welsh Labour Party" would be as this is what I normally hear in English.


For 'The Welsh Labour Party' it would still be 'Y Blaid Lafur yng Nghymru'.

However, a phrase more often heard to refer to that party in the news and in the Assembly is 'Welsh Labour' - 'Llafur Cymru', or occasionally 'Plaid Lafur Cymru'


Why is it Nghymru and not Cymru?


Because "Yn" when it means "in" causes a nasal mutation, and "C" when it nasally mutates to "Ngh" and "yn" itself becomes "yng".


This is explained earlier in the course in the notes for the section on 'Countries'.

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