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Why is everyone so rude to the newbies here?


Half the posts in the Troubleshooting forum are ignored and the other half have things like "Move your post". And if you click on their profile they are brand new and what I remember from being brand new earlier today is I could not post anywhere but troubleshooting. So where are they going to move their posts to?

November 13, 2016



I can't say why all the rudeness specifically in regard to the troubleshooting forum, but in general: "newbies" tend to all ask the same set of questions, questions that can easily be answered by using their eyes and just looking on their screens, perhaps clicking different buttons as the occasion requires. Duolingo just does not have all that many buttons and whistles compared to other sites.

"Can I learn multiple languages at once?" Well, you see all the other people here with anywhere from 1 to 20-ish flags next to their names, and the whole point of Duolingo is to help people learn languages, so... nope, here at Duolingo you're constrained to one language at a time.

"How do I add new languages?" How did you add your first one? Did you think the process of adding the second would be different?

"What's Immersion?" Why don't you click on that Immersion button on the top of your screen and see?^





Not to mention that some people that are just plain bad at communicating; either they're incredibly unspecific about what their confusion is ("I don't understand" - end of post) or are unspecific about what they're hoping to discuss (Post title, "I like French"; no further content) or even just keyboard mash.

You're more than welcome to ask serious questions, and we'd be glad to answer them. But most people have figured out how to press buttons and use words to communicate their ideas. Some of us have just gotten tired of those people who haven't.

^(Granted, I'm pretty sure that Immersion is either being phased out or is an A/B test, meaning it's only available to 50% of people. But for those who do have access, seriously, one click of the mouse would resolve your problem.)


May I point out that if you signed up within the last year or so there is no immersion button?
But I kept seeing it being referenced, saw people with /translate tacked on the URL in my activity list an felt that asking the question was justified.
Searching for "immersion" gave a list of several hundred "pages", trying to find the one amongst them that's actually useful is a herculean task. Sure, I'm a mod on another community site (IT related), and understand how vexing repetitive questions are full well. But it's also important to see the problems of the new arrivals.
I've been using the android version of Duo for some time (on and off, not so much while overseas because no net), and only came to the website at the beginning of my current streak.


Oh yes more than one person asking the same question is a great excuse to treat them poorly.

There is no reason the community can't simply downvote the repeat posts without adding snotty messages.

If you are so frustrated that you cannot stop yourself from making a nasty comment maybe you should ask a moderator if you can be shadowbanned.


OK, I can see that getting annoying. But is anyone required to read the posts in the Troubleshooting forum. I mean why would someone bother going there if they know it is going to be the same posts




and they can't handle it?

Are there any staff assigned to the Troubleshooting forum? It's pretty sad to see so many unanswered questions, or rudely answered questions, or people just being told irrelevant things.


I generally don't add new languages by logging out and making an entirely new account, nor do I have access to Immersion. Those who do have access to Immersion aren't usually the ones making the posts, and I don't believe you're able to know whether they do or not. The questions you have listed are actual "serious questions" that I could easily see anyone asking.

There is nothing I can see making it obvious that I add a new course by hovering over the flag next to my name; it does not look like a button.


When certain software updates, I get a mini-tutorial that pictorially explains the updates and new features of the software, briefly explaining what all the menu options are... Maybe that is all that is needed for new users. An orientation sequence or lesson.


It's worse than you think. Go to any (or several) moderator profiles. You will see tons of posts of users trying to get every newbie banned. And for such offenses as:

"He/she is a troll" translation "They disagree with me"
"They are being mean" translation "They didn't give me a lingot/join my competition/etc"
"They have multiple accounts" translation "Their post disagreeing with me has several upvotes and it is not possible that anyone else disagrees with me"
"I don't like their name" translation "I have no real reason to report them"
"They are cyberbullying me" translation "They nicely tried to explain the rules to be and I've decided I'm above them"

And if you watch for a while you will see newbies get shadowbanned very quickly. And for things that old timers do all the time with no consequences. (And the old timers really do know better). And now there is evidence they are deleting accounts entirely which completely makes their "we leave the educational part available to them" more offensive.

They have encouraged more and more children to use this place then they get upset that they are acting like children.

Being rude to them is probably a very nice way to word it.


I think most of the ones who get shadowbanned did something that really deserved it. The mods wouldn't shadowban someone without a really good reason. There are also a lot of accounts created for the express purpose of trolling and spamming.


Huh? Didn't know that. And I am a newbie so... Should I be concerned?


I don't think they are trying to be rude, just helpful. And I think the reason you couldn't post in the main forum is that Duolingo doesn't let you post until you are higher than level two. It helps limit spammers a little. BTW welcome to Duolingo! :)


I know that is why I couldn't post. What I don't understand is why people who were once new themselves keep ignoring this.

And telling someone to post somewhere else when they know they can't isn't helpful.


And it doesn't take a lot to get to level two- 2 or three skills, I believe.


What I find disappointing is the frequency in which you see new users trying to make friends in the community by making threads introducing themselves and then getting viciously down-voted for "spamming". It's hardly very welcoming behaviour.


That's true. It's much kinder to leave a welcome message, and gently point them to the Community and discussions guide on the wiki.


OK, I hear you. It looks like a "FAQ" page and an introduction page with the title "Are you new here?" would be helpful then. There should be a little video that explains the forums. And "Immersion" should be explained to all of these who arrived to Duolingo after immersion became no longer visible to new arrivals. I think it is almost a year ago I finished my first tree, and then asked in the forums for suggestions what to do next. I got the most wonderful suggestions, one of them "do immersion" , which at the time I understood to be immersing myself in the language, with movies, speaking, and reading spanish newspapers. Little by little I understood that the tab called "immersion" was a door to a world of collaboration and translating and discovery.

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