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Can you PLEASE add russian next??

I know hundreds of others have already asked for this, but I thought I would just post another request for Russian just so you won't forget to put it on the priority list ;) If you could PLEASE ADD RUSSIAN it would be sooooo much greatly appreciated!!! In only like 30 minutes I have begun to pick up spanish, so I can only imagine how helpful this would be to my Russian studies. If you add russian I will go on an online campaign to make sure every soul with internet acess knows of this site!! So on behalf of me and tens of thousands of others on this site, please.. PLEASE add RUSSIAN. :)

February 12, 2013



Just wait, meanwhile, learn by your own.


Whoa calm down. Just give them time and they'll add it but for now I have to agree with Juanv.


I am like you, I have already requested Russian. Do you know of any other efficient website to learn it while waiting for Duolingo ?


Unfortunately there aren't many sites out there for this particular language. However I have found http://masterrussian.com/ to be quite helpful in my studies.


I'd love to learn russian too!!!! Please!! T.T

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