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Who wants Ladino?


I am a great fan of Semitic and Jewish languages. I was glad that Hebrew is in Beta, and that our Yiddish contributors have come back. When I saw it, I thought, it would be awesome to start a Ladino course in Duolingo. What do you think about it?

Who can help in this course, who speaks it? (I do not speak it myself) Flag or monument plans?

Thanks for your answers!!!

November 13, 2016



I'm also very interested in the Jewish languages! I'm slowly learning Hebrew at the moment :D Ladino would be so cool!!!! (Yiddish is amazing)


I'm a bit slow also in it, because in Modern Hebrew they don't write the niqquds to the word.


I had family who spoke Ladino so it'd be nice to learn.


ladino is mutually intelligible with Spanish almost in a 100%. So anybody who is interested in ladino could begin with Spanish on Duo.


There are no Ladino courses in Memrise... so, there is the time, to make it on Duolingo!!!


I want to see, how to use the Ladino-alphabet (Rashi script) in real life...


Yes! I speak Yiddish, I'm learning Hebrew, then I want Ladino and Ancient Aramaic then my Jewish languages will be complete :D


complete? what about ყივრული ? (q'ivruli - Judaeo-Georgian) :)


How about Judeo-Arabic, Judaeo-Marathi and Judeo-Malayalam too?


I think Judeo-Arabic would be also awesome!!!


Absolutly agreed :) I learn Hebrew like, want Yiddish and Ladino...my favourites are the Jewish languages, I want to speak all of them... :)


Hey! I've made a survey for a research project about the Jewish languages I need people who are Jewish or that have some connection to Judaism or Jewish traditions to answer it. Would you mind answering it for me? It'd be of great help! This is the link: https://goo.gl/forms/VF108cPnJSGbHNQ12


Was just thinking about this language the other day. Would love to see that here!


Would love to see Ladino! I'm a fluent speaker of Spanish (never mind what my Spanish level says, I go by what native speakers tell me) and I'm currently learning Hebrew. Ladino would be cool considering it is a mixture of Spanish and Hebrew.


But Yiddish and Ladino are not Semitic.


But they are Jewish languages


Isn't Ladino a dialect of Castillian Spanish or did it change through the centuries away from Iberia ?

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