"Ela leva comida para o escritório."

Translation:She takes food to the office.

February 12, 2013

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"She brings food to the office"


Bring would be more "trazer" I think. She is going toward the office so is taking to...


the context is ambiguos so you have no idea where the speaker is in relation to her and the office. bring/take could both work as translations


Levar is to carry towards the destination. And destination is anywhere, except here.

Trazer is to bring here.


I think Lingodingle is right that tazer is the better word to mean bring. Also, I think there might be a material difference in the word take between English and BP. In English, take is the same word used to for taking something/someone both to and from something/someone (e.g., She takes the book to him She takes a drink of water). Whereas in BP, I think there might be different words used for taking something/someone to something/someone vs. taking from something/someone. I think levar means to take something/someone to something/someone (e.g., Ela leva o livro para ele), but tomar mean to take something/someone from something/someone (e.g., Ela toma um banho).

Any native speakers out there that can confirm this?


in this sentence "ela leva comida para o escritório" it may mean "she takes the food to someone or herself". you "leva" something "para" someone/some place. For example: "Let's go to the beach?" - "Sure,i'll bring my surfboard". In this example, "bring" is translated as "levar" because the person will take the object to that place. On the contrary, if you say that you'll take something from/with someone/some place, you use "pegar de/com". "Vou pegar meu livro com o João" / "Não peguei dinheiro do meu cofre para quitar(pay off) minhas contas (bills)"


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Sometimes in English the term 'the office' is used as a collective word for the people who work in the office, usually implying that the subject also works in that office. In that case 'she takes food for the office' would work in English but does the same apply in Portuguese?


In portuguese escritório refers to the place. So, she takes food to the office could mean she doesnt go back home to eat lunch, but she does that at the office once she takes the food there, just for herself or to share with the coworkers, doesnt matter.

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