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  5. "Ви шукаєте пошту?"

"Ви шукаєте пошту?"

Translation:Are you looking for the post office?

November 13, 2016



Why wouldn't you say, "Чи Ви шукаєте пошту?" ???

[deactivated user]

    In literary Ukrainian, when you use чи, you normally move the main verb to the beginning of the sentence: Чи шукаєте ви пошту?

    Чи Ви шукаєте пошту could be understood 'Is it you who are looking for the post office?'


    You don't have to move the verb, but yes, it's more natural/common to do so. Either version is accepted now.


    Why is it Пошту and not пошті?


    Пошту is Accusative, пошті is Locative.

    (На) пошті is used when asking "Where at?" (Я на пошті). Пошту is used when it's a direct object (Я шукаю пошту, "пошта" is a direct object of "шукаю") or when asking "Where to?" (Я йду на пошту).


    Я написав do you look for the post office? І це неправда?? Що???


    ні це не натурально звучить так само як сказати- Ви шукаєте почту кожен день


    Yeah... It's not a common sentence to say. Nevertheless, it's grammatically correct and can be meaningful given a context. E.g. "How do you send a letter? - You drop it into a mailbox. - And how do you find a mailbox? Do you look for a post office? Or are there mailboxes in other places?"

    So, now it's accepted.


    Because that's not a word in Ukrainian.

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