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First appearance of word was in "Listen and type in French"

Please, give me a fighting chance! ;)

Twice tonight I've had a new word presented for the first time in a "Listen and type in French" exercise. I don't have a chance. It's not only a new word, it's in French, which means only a few of the letters are being pronounced. There's no way I can keep from losing hearts. I was crying harder than the owl. ;)

Then, in the same type of exercise I was given a word I'd seen once before in the exercise where you pick the picture of the word, but I'd never heard it pronounced. And as it's French... I hadn't a clue what the word was even though I'd seen the word once.

I don't know if it's possible, but it would be nice if new words were not seen and heard for the first time in "Listen and type in (language)" exercises. It would also be nice for French at least, if the word has been heard at least once before you get it in a "Listen and type in French" exercise.

Those are just ideas/suggestions, and not to be taken as complaints. :)

February 12, 2013



I agree. I have had a similar experience with German, in that I have had to type a word I have seen once about ten questions ago. Sometimes they are long words too, like "entschuldigen" which is one I had. I don't mind new words, I love them! But I'd like to see it repeated a few times more before I have to type it out - so I can remember how it looks, sounds, and how to spell it. Its one thing to know its meaning, and to be able to say it, but when you have to type it out, you have to know how to spell it! Its actually slightly annoying, because simple words like Apfel (apple) get repeated a million times and they are so easy to remember but the longer words that you need more time with you don't see as often.


I gotta ask... Whovian?


Oui! Et vous? (Like I even need to ask when your name is RiverSong :)


This is why it can take about 5 tries to get through the first lesson in any category. it's so frustrating.


I'm glad you posted this as I have the same frustration with French and wanted to start a thread on this. While I understand that the questions in each lesson are randomized, I would suggest that the Duolingo folks write a rule that a question that asks you to "Listen and type in French" does not precede the first written introduction of that word.

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