"Észak felől eső jön."

Translation:Rain is coming from the North.

November 13, 2016

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You're right, Ryagon, it doesn't make any literal sense, but we do say that in English.


Would "északról eső jön" work here? When do you use the separate "felől"?


I translated this sentence as "rain comes in from the north." Is this incorrect? Why?


Where does the rain go into?
It's probably fine but sometimes English makes pretty little sense to me.


I am sorry but Hungarian even less :-)


The rain, or rather the rain producing clouds, are literally moving in(to) the area where it was not before. It does make some sense.


Is it coming rain from the North? Why it is coming rain is not accepted? Sometimes I feel very sad because DL does not have Magyar - Portugálul translation, Maybe my English is not the better but what I wrote shows that I understood the Hungarian meaning at all. Should be accepted, I am reporting, but I am being stressed by DL in a daily basis!

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