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  5. "Δύο τόνοι και πενήντα κιλά."

"Δύο τόνοι και πενήντα κιλά."

Translation:Two tons and fifty kilos.

November 13, 2016



The translation into American English is wrong. It should say: two tonnes, not two tons. 1 ton in American English is 2000 lbs but 1 tonne is 1000 kilos or 2200 lbs. Because USA is not metric you must distinguish between the 2 types of "tons". When you translate "τόνοι" to English, it should always be "tonnes" because Greece is metric.


Both are marked correct. I personally didn't know that, so it's good to know.


Does this usually mean a metric tonne? How do you distinguish tonnes from British imperial tons and US short tons?


It's the metric tonne=1000 kg. Greeks never use British imperial tons or short tons (actually, being a greek myself i had to google it, i was not even aware of their existance) so no specific word exists in greek. If i had to specify it for some (unexpected) reason, i would say "αγγλικός/βρετανικός τόνος or τόνος στο βρετανικό σύστημα" "αμερικανικός τόνος or τόνος στο αμερικάνικο σύστημα".


Σε ευχαριστώ!


1000 kg is one metric ton in US, one tonne in UK and ένας τόνος in Gr.

To complicate things the terms "ton" and "metric ton" were explicitly excluded from use for trade in the UK Weights Measure Act 1985

Why not use the SI base unit for mass, kilogram = χιλιόγραμμο ή κιλό


So actually "Two tunas and fifty kilos" should also be accepted?


Are these two separate weights: two tonnes, and fifty kilos - or is it one weight: two tonnes fifty kilos?

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