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  5. "Είναι το πάρτι στην αυλή;"

"Είναι το πάρτι στην αυλή;"

Translation:Is the party in the yard?

November 14, 2016



Sorry, why the translation "is the party in the backyard" is not accepted?


It only says "yard" so it could be "front" or "back' that's why we didn't include "backyard".


From Google translation: party: a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment. διασκέδαση: (mainly) fun, amusement, entertainment. Α πάρτι (should) have fun, etc etc. It is the event.


Gave me the option of garden or yard. I chose garden because that is more common in UK English but got an incorrect answer and told it should be yard


We would like to add "garden" to the correct solutions but it would help if we knew what kind of exercise this was so we can edit it.


I keep typing απλή for yard and it doesnt get marked wrong.

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