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  5. "Soup without meat"

"Soup without meat"

Translation:Суп без м'яса

November 14, 2016



We've used "Зупа без м'яса." Instead of "суп". Does it matter?

[deactivated user]

    In literary Ukrainian, only «суп» and «ю́шка» are used. «Зупа» is dialectal.


    Sorry, in this course we do not add regional words (e.g. also цьоця, тета etc.) because we're teaching standard "textbook" Ukrainian. Same applies to English, we're not adding the gazillion of English translations from all kinds of regions, only the main variants (standard AmE and BrE). But in real life yes, you can use the word "зупа" :) If you use it in Lviv they are gonna love a foreigner with such knowledge of local vocab, if you use it in Kyiv they will think you lived in the West :)

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