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  5. "Το τιμόνι είναι πολύ βολικό."

"Το τιμόνι είναι πολύ βολικό."

Translation:The steering wheel is very convenient.

November 14, 2016



Understatement? I would have thought ουσιώδης might be nearer the mark or at least "απαραίτητο ! :-)


    It is a bit tricky to translate βολικό as it has more than one meaning. It means convenient but also comfortable. Here, I see it as 'I find that the steering wheel works for me, it is well designed, I do not want to make any adjustments etc.' rather than convenient, which as you point out is an understatement! But can a steering wheel be 'comfortable'? To be fair, out of a car-related context where steering wheels rule, this could make more sense: "Oh I see you added a steering wheel to your coffee machine - how convenient!" :D


    Thanks D-. To be fair to Duo I was having a bit of fun at their expense. But yes you are right, if you were small you might well find some steering wheels convenient and comfortable.


    Well, the first cars had tillers... :-)


    Found the sailor!


    Level 4, Transport: Sometimes Duo accepts simply wheel and sometimes it insists on steering wheel.

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