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  5. "Will you go to the stadium?"

"Will you go to the stadium?"

Translation:Ви будете іти на стадіон?

November 14, 2016



Sounds funny. I'd say it this way: "Чи Ви поїдете/підете до стадійону?"

[deactivated user]

    Both perfective (поїдете, підете) and imperfective (будете їхати/їхатимете, будете йти/йтимете) forms are possible, depending on the context:

    • If you want to know if the person will make a trip to the stadium or not, you will use поїдете/підете.
    • If you want to know if the person will be on their way to the stadium in some point of time in the future, you will use будете їхати/їхатимете, будете йти/йтимете.

    Since we don't have any context, both all the variants should be accepted.

    Also, both «на стадіо́н» and «до стадіо́ну» are used, so both should be accepted, too.


    "Ви будете їхати НА стадіон?" Sounds like they're asking if "(Are) You are going ON the stadium?"


    Shouldn't Duolingo accept "Будете ви іти на стадіон"? I've reported it.

    [deactivated user]

      I don’t think it should.

      «Будете ви йти на стадіон» is an inverted word order: one of the words is moved out of its usual place to emphasise it (the exact word emphasise depends on the intonation, but most likely it’s «будете»). This doesn’t really sound natural except in some contexts.

      (A possible context: it might work if you’ve got a positive answer before, but the listener[s] don’t seem to be going to the stadium, so you want to ask the question again: ‘So, will you?’ «Будете?», and that’s why you’re emphasising «будете».)

      It might work if you add a question particle «чи»: «Чи будете ви йти на стадіон?». «Чи» usually requires such inversion.


      Ah, so the inversion sounds natural with «Чи» but a little weird without it? How about the reverse situation (i.e. using «Чи» but not inverting the word order)?

      [deactivated user]

        How about the reverse situation (i.e. using «Чи» but not inverting the word order)?

        «Чи» without the inversion sounds less natural to my ear, but that’s what Zonia has been advocating in comments to many different sentences (including in comments to this sentence, see above). So I guess that sounds natural in Canadian Ukrainian.


        Woah. Interesting. This never occurred to me.

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