"The politician is standing among the reporters."

Translation:A politikus a riporterek között áll.

November 14, 2016

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why we do not add accusative "- t " prefix to the word"riporterek"?


Because it is not the direct object of the verb.


Aren't politician and reporters the direct objects of the verb?? Miért? ?


No, a riporterek között is a prepositional phrase which describes where the action is taking place.

You would use the accusative in a sentence like: A politikus a riportereket látja - "The politician sees the reporters". In that sentence, the reporters are the direct object of the verb.


I think of it as: is something required to finish the sentence? You can walk or stand without any other words. But if you are seeing something, you need a "something" to see (the direct object).

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