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Word Lists?

What happened to being able to see a list of the words we've learned? I used that list to study and memorise in my own time, and now it doesn't exist?

4 years ago



Hi ashley.wilk! The vocabulary tab was removed for the update. This has definitely come up in many discussions, but recently, it has been predicted that it will be coming back by the end of the month or next month! Please wait! Such an important part of DuoLingo will definitely come back! Waiting with you! :)

4 years ago


Glad to hear it.

4 years ago


Another request for this.

In addition, it would be nice to see a list of words/phrases and their translations for each level, whether or not that level has been completed. That way, I can study the translations and then go back and complete the quiz, or go back and see a list of translations I've already learned.

4 years ago