"The house has a garden."

Translation:Υπάρχει ένας κήπος στο σπίτι.

November 14, 2016



Is το σπίτι έχει ένας κήπος acceptable? If not, could someone tell me why, please? :-)

November 14, 2016


The right thing to say is Το σπίτι έχει έναν κήπο. Direct objects in Greek come in the accusative case. So Το σπίτι (subject-nominative case) έχει (verb) έναν κήπο (object-accusative case).

November 14, 2016


Okay! It's just that the software put it wrong for this, and I couldn't understand why. Thank you!

November 15, 2016


How about Το σπίτι έχει κήπος? would that work?

March 8, 2019


Το σπίτι έχει έναν κήπο: Why έναν and not ένα κήπο? Is it because it is an accusative ? But even so, ένα would be correct?

December 13, 2017


    It is in fact in the accusative, while the nominative for masculine nouns is ένας. Ένα is the neuter form.
    Τhe final -ν is NOT dropped for masculine articles and pronouns in the accusative, so as not to mix them with the neuter ones.

    December 13, 2017


    Υπάρχει κήπος στο σπίτι? Since κήπος is singular, you can only be talking about one garden right?

    April 26, 2019
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